Top Fashion Trends for this year

Fashion year opens every September. New set of must haves are introduced at the height of spring to summer. During the time when most fashion conscious would flaunt on the streets the recent additions to their wardrobe and how it can be worn individually or differently from others who may have put on the same set. The new set for 2019 has already been introduced and yet the set for this year is still so much on the scene.

The color orange became one of the most loved colors of this year. the succulence of the color makes it ideal for any skin type and it add a little strength to a woman’s eyes. Orange was later heightened by a touch of red, resulting to Fall’s “ember-glow set”.

The sultry and sexy carved out appearance of an equestrian became one of the top fab outfits. A pair of skinny jeans topped with a slim cut elegant turtleneck with a knee high boot cut polished a finely groomed wearer at any given day. Women combined this look with a high pony tail to accentuate the face that needs no makeup.

Menswear hype continued to be visible among folk who enjoyed the masculine look with a feminine class, that  is delivered with beautiful eyes and colored hair. There were more skin flaunted as dress cuts for ladies were made to be worn open or to show off a little flesh both from the upper body and the lower limb. Polka dots became fashionably trendy and hot for daytime and casual dresses to cutely proportionate purses or obnoxiously attractive scarf.  All and all, the year 2019 was quite eventful and happening in terms of fashion. We hope that 2020 also brings us the same level of excitement in terms of fashion.

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