The Importance of uniform

Uniforms are set of clothing that are per-designed for certain groups of professionals to give them identification from others. This is often times define as an organizational symbol in the professional society. Each color of uniform defines each kind of professional and the field that they specialize in. apart from simple identification for association. They are either given for free or deducted on the salary of the employee. Uniforms are societal markers that make the identification and segregation process a lot easier and more secure.

Uniforms are worn to keep identification of employees, groups and associations. They are worn as part of mandatory regulations to set them apart from other organizational structure or group. They are worn to impose compliance and observance of company standards and dress code orientation to some level. Color coded uniforms are also imposed to isolate employees based on their clearance level. Aside from easier identification, uniforms provide some sense of safety. A good example would be people knocking on residential doors are recognized and will be treated fairly, unlike for non-uniformed persons who would be subjected to distant and uncomfortable treatment. It also accord stature to elite groups. The pride of belonging to a group that is looked upon by ordinary citizens enriches the social price of the wearer.

Uniforms should be prepared with great pride. They may be positional and ranking markers but they offer definitive social impact. A man in uniform offers trust and it makes no distinction as to what level in the food chain you may be placed. Uniforms are good indicators of behavior, authority and obedience. A man in uniform characterizes someone who has no problem complying to authority and being associated with others and have a sense of self-preservation that it becomes necessary for them to blend in and be approached as a trustworthy and reliable individuals or employees.

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