General advice on selecting a shirt

Men’s clothing is quite limited with compared to women’s. However, if you are creative and you like clothing and dressing up well, you can still find lots of options from the limited variations that you can do in your clothing. For example, consider a simple case of shirt.  From the surface, it might look like what alternatives could a simple shirt could offer? But if you look deeper and think more, then you will surely be able to find lots of creative ways and combination of shirts with pants and jeans that can really make you look better and something that you have you are not never thought before. In this article, we are going to provide you some great creative ideas which you can combine along with shirt selection to make your dressing more stylish, contemporary and appealing to others.

To get started, you should select the kind of shirt you want to wear depending on the occasion. In most of the cases you have to wear a shirt in a formal occasion or at an informal one. In a formal occasion, try to be neat and decent. A colorful  shirt in business meetings and interviews would not be appreciated. It might be you, but it is still advised that you are should be practical and selective during formals occasion. 

When it comes to informal occasion, you can experiment in whatever manner you want. The basic concept and idea of clothing is to be comfortable in whatever you wear and be happy with it. Once you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you would be able to automatically carry it well and that would look in your moves in your personality. Ultimately, people judge you from what you are and if they find you interesting, your dressing and your shirt will automatically get and complement for it. 

You can always experiment more in informal shirting with colors and even designs of your choice. Brands and non brands can be equally made interesting and more appealing with color combination. Shirts can be worn with pants with in and outs with jeans.

These are some of the basic ideas that you can experiment with the shirt।. You can also get suggestions from your friend circle who identify with you style of clothing and shirting and try to work out something that is cool, contemporary, stylish and at the same time, comfortable and makes you happy. At the end of the day we wear clothes so that we look at the mirror and we are happy and so, if we can do that then that is the right kind of shirt and wardrobe for you for the day!

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